Why Older Adults Should Do an Ancestry Search

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Why Older Adults Should Do an Ancestry Search

The advent of the internet has made it much easier to find information, and many people use it to search for information about their ancestors. Though this may be more common among younger people, seniors are also starting to get involved in the hobby of ancestry searching. Many people start out with just a simple ancestry search website, and they end up developing a fun hobby. Here are a few benefits for older adults who research their family history.

Learn More About History

Even a quick ancestry search can be enough to encourage an interest in history. Seniors are never too old to start learning again, and it is easier to learn history with a personal connection to it. Encourage your senior loved one to start researching more about the historical events that affected his or her ancestors. This can lead to a fun and informative hobby that helps your loved one exercise his or her brain. 

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Connect with Lost Relatives

As families grow, branches of the family tend to stop communicating with each other. One of the great opportunities of ancestry searches is that it can connect seniors with family members who are still living. With the internet, it is possible to find distant relatives and start chatting with them over Facebook or other forms of social media. There are many great stories of seniors who end up traveling to family reunions. This can be an excellent way for seniors to gain more familial support and build valuable relationships with other family members.

Discover Other Cultures

An ancestry search can often result in surprising discoveries for seniors, such as finding out their family used to be Jewish or immigrated from Wales. Seniors often have difficulty feeling connected to the world around them, but an ancestry search can help them feel associated with cultures they were previously not a part of. It can also result in new, interesting activities for seniors who need ways to pass the time. Some seniors end up joining neighborhood cultural centers or taking cooking classes after learning they are related to a particular culture.

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Get a More Accurate Medical History

Many medical conditions are inherited from ancestors, so doctors often encourage seniors to write down their family medical history. Seniors who do ancestry research do not have to rely on vague memories of their mother mentioning a grandparent with cardiovascular disease. Since many ancestry searches include obituaries for several past generations, it can be an excellent way to obtain a thorough and accurate family medical history. This can help seniors to be more prepared for conditions they could inherit as they age.

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