5 Reasons Seniors Should Try Yoga

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When you think of the avid yoga enthusiasts, you likely think of a man or woman in their 20, 30s or maybe 40s. That being said, yoga is one of the top rated activities among senior citizens. This form of exercise is now being offered by senior centers, gyms and yoga studios across the nation, with classes designed specifically with the aging adult in mind. Not convinced that yoga is the right choice for you or an aging loved one? Check out these five surprising benefits of yoga for seniors:

  1. Improved Strength – Yoga works many of the muscle groups, leading to greater strength. Practicing yoga just a few times a week may assist elders that suffer from muscle weakness. This includes both minor and major muscle groups. Another added benefit is that this can be considered weight bearing activity, meaning bone health is supported too.
  2. Balance and Gait – As a leading provider of New Hampshire elder care, we know that an unsteady gait and poor balance can lead to injuries among seniors. Yoga has actually shown to improve gait and balance. This may be especially helpful in prevention of trips and falls and may be an easy way for seniors with certain health conditions to either maintain or improve their gait and balance.
  3. Increased Flexibility – Just because a loved one is older, does not mean he or she cannot increase flexibility. Practicing yoga on a regular basis increases flexibility, regardless of age which can help prevent injuries and keep the elder active.
  4. Better Health – Because yoga targets the respiratory and cardiac system, it is an activity that promotes overall health and wellness. Improved blood flow and proper breathing techniques assist in this process. Physical activity can also help stabilize blood sugar levels and improve blood pressure.
  5. Improved Mood – Last, but not least, yoga can benefit an elderly loved one by boosting their mood. While there are many reasons for this, the exercise form promotes a mind/body connection and positivity. It is also well known that physical activity in general can help prevent depression and increase a positive outlook.

Physical activity is an important component to healthy living for senior adults, so why not spice up an exercise routine with a fun and new activity like yoga. While yoga can be tailored to individuals of all skill and ability levels, the New Hampshire home care professionals at Home Care Assistance encourage all seniors to consult with their primary care physician before beginning an exercise regimen.

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