The Importance of Open Communication with Your Senior Loved One

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Tips for Communicating with Aging Parents

Caring for an elderly loved one can be a difficult and stressful situation. While it can be hard to see a loved one lose their ability to care for themselves, it is important to not just come in and fix everything. Family members should recognize the risks involved with taking over and stealing an elder’s voice. Although your loved one may in his or her golden years, they still want to be heard.

Dealing with the Risk of Invasion

If you are caring for a loved one in his or her own home, it can be hard for them to not feel like they are being invaded. As a leading New Hampshire home care provider, we know communication is key in the beginning stages of care, whether you are a professional or family caregiver. Take the extra time to talk to your loved one about how they like the house to be cleaned, what products they use, or where commonly used items belong. By doing so, it reduces the overwhelming sense that everything they have known has to be taken over and changed.

Hurting from Loss 

Someone who is gaining in years often feels like they are losing everything. They feel as if their ability to take care of themselves, their memories, or even their dignity, is threatened. Established communication demonstrates to them that you want to understand their challenges and their feelings of loss, providing assistance that actually helps to promote independence. Once they feel that you are on their team, they can better accept the care you provide.

Feeling Unheard

Nothing is worse than feeling like you have no say in your life. Unfortunately, when family members step into help senior loved ones, they instinctually want to change things. While these changes are often made out of the best intentions, not including your loved one in the decision making process can leave them feeling as if their opinions are not important. However, by including them in care decisions, it demonstrates that they still have some level of control.

Taking care of a senior loved one can be stressful, but being taken care of can be just as hard. If open communication is properly applied, it creates a smoother experience for everyone involved. For more caregiving tips or to find caregiver support near you, reach out to Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire. Along with flexible hourly care, we also offer New Hampshire live-in home care, ideal for seniors who need additional monitoring and assistance. Learn more by calling us today at 603-471-3004 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.


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