Help Your Senior Loved One Survive Allergy Season

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How to Help Your Senior Loved One Survive Allergy Season in New Hampshire

Spring has sprung, and all of those beautiful flowers can add up to serious allergy symptoms for your senior loved one. Since allergies can quickly make a person feel miserable, you can use these strategies from New Hampshire home care professionals to keep the worst symptoms away.

Check the Pollen Counts

During allergy season, you should avoid taking your loved one outdoors on days when the pollen count is exceptionally high. Try to plan fun indoor activities on those days, and open the curtains so your loved one can still enjoy the sunshine. On days that you must go out, try to avoid leaving the house between 8am and 10am when pollen levels are at their peak.

Avoid Opening Windows

Although many seniors enjoy letting a fresh breeze cool their home on spring days, this can bring more pollen indoors. Instead, encourage your loved one to use central air conditioning if they have it. To further reduce allergens, make sure that it is cleaned and inspected at the start of the season, and change the filter each month.

Reduce Allergens at Bedtime

Seniors who spend time outdoors may have pollen that attaches to their hair, skin and clothing. Therefore, it is important to encourage your loved one to change their clothes once they come inside, and wash their hair before bedtime. Additionally, using a dryer to dry your loved one’s bedding instead of hanging it out to dry can further ensure that their sleep environment is ideal for preventing allergies.

Fight Allergies with Food

Many older adults are prohibited from taking antihistamines, which leaves few remedies that are easily accessible. However, many foods can help fight inflammation naturally. For example, leafy greens such as romaine lettuce, kale and spinach can help decrease symptoms while boosting your loved one’s immune system. Ginger and lemon tea can also reduce symptoms such as congestion should an allergy attack strike.

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