Ways for Seniors to Stay Social with Age

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Regular social interaction is essential for seniors with age. In fact, a handful of studies have linked social relationships with longevity – the more complex, social relationships we have in our golden years, the higher our rates of survival. While this may not be true for every person, at Home Care Assistance, we encourage our clients to continue forging new relationships, with people both old and young. We also understand that seniors often have fewer opportunities to meet new people once they have retired from the workplace and wanted to provide a few tips for how and where seniors can stay social.

Join a Senior Activity Group
In many communities, recreation and senior citizen centers offer special group activities for those over a certain age. These activities range from exercise and computer classes to special luncheons specifically designed to give seniors the opportunity to mingle. Active seniors can also volunteer to help with many of these activities which can put them in close contact with others who share similar interests. Looking for someone to accompany you or a loved one to a local event or activity? Click here for information about hourly care services in New Hampshire.

Use Technology to Connect
Whether a person prefers to text or enjoys chatting over online video, technology offers many different ways for seniors to stay social. Those who are new to using technology to communicate can ask a family member or friend to help them get started. Then, they can instantly call or message anyone they choose so they can stay connected even from home.

Spend Time with Loved Ones
Sometimes, staying home and spending time with a family member or loved one can be just as enjoyable as a day spent out on the town. Set up regular times to visit with family and friends. For example, a standing date to play a favorite game or watch a movie can give seniors something to look forward to each week. If you are the adult child of an elderly senior, consider hiring a home companion in New Hampshire. A professional and compassionate caregiver can provide the level of social interaction and friendship necessary to help your loved one maintain their independence and quality of life.

Finding ways to stay social with age is as simple as looking for new ways to interact with other senior adults as well as a person’s loved ones. By making the effort to connect with other people, senior adults can keep their spirits up and find greater enjoyment in their everyday lives. For more information about senior health and wellness, visit www.newhampshirehomecareassistance.com or contact a Care Manager today at 603-471-3004.


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