4 Apps That Help Monitor Elderly Health

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Smartphone Apps for Senior Health in New Hampshire

Smartphones and mobile devices have put comprehensive health information within easy reach. Most apps are incredibly user-friendly, so age is no longer an excuse to fall behind on the current technology. Not only are health apps convenient for users, but they also serve an important function by preserving and streamlining personal health information on one device. Check out these four apps for monitoring senior health, presented by Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire.

1. iBGStar (iTunes)

Diabetes is a serious concern for seniors, and it is all too easy to fall behind on the necessary health monitoring. The iBGStar app addresses the need for centralized diabetes monitoring and offers a comprehensive set of services. Features include tracking capabilities for blood glucose levels, insulin dosages, and carbohydrate consumption. The app also makes it easy to share this information with medical providers and family.

2. My Medical (iTunes)

My Medical aims to be a one-stop app for senior health storage. The app serves as a repository for as much medical history as the user can input. It even creates reminders for upcoming doctor’s appointments and can export data to any email address.

3. Fooducate (iTunes and Google Play)

Maintaining a healthy diet can be a challenge at any age, but Fooducate aims to put healthy eating within reach. Although the app has many bells and whistles, its flagship function is a barcode scanner that generates easy-to-read health information about food products. It even assigns grades from A to D based on the health value of scanned items.

4. Urgent Care (iTunes and Android)

If you are looking for a reference guide, Urgent Care serves up a comprehensive symptom search engine with the option to contact (for a fee) a health care provider directly from the app. Rather than searching multiple websites, simply put symptoms in Urgent Care and let the app do its job.

One thing these apps have in common is the goal of making life a little bit easier. New apps are released every day, so keep an eye out for other apps that deliver valuable senior health monitoring services.


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