Sex Can Boost Brain Health

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Can Sex Boost Brain Health in New Hampshire?

While many of us think sex is an activity that decreases with age, older adults can look forward to sex and the benefits from it long into their golden years. New research recently read by New Hampshire senior care professionals shows that both men and women’s brains are healthier when they have an active sex life.

Increased Cognitive Abilities

Seniors who are sexually active tend to score higher on mental tests. Their reasoning skills, judgment, perception, and memory were better than those who did not participate in any type of sexual act. These brain-based skills are needed to perform both simple and complex tasks on a daily basis.

Anti-Depressant Capabilities

Sexually active seniors experience higher levels of dopamine, which is often referred to as the feel-good hormone along with oxytocin. These two chemicals in the brain are directly connected to lust and create a feeling of euphoria lasting long after the act itself. People with a healthy sex life tend to have a more positive outlook on life.

Improved Heart and Brain Health

The heart pumps about 20 percent of the blood directly to the brain where it is used for fuel and oxygen. Older adults with an active sex life often have a stronger heart, which is able to pump the needed blood to the brain. The link between the heart and brain is one that needs to be considered to maintain a healthy mind.

Pain Relief

Studies show that having sex during a headache may chase away the pain. Research showed that 30 percent of people who suffer from cluster headaches and 60 percent of participants with migraines found dramatic relief from their episodes after having sex. This is attributed to the powerful love hormone oxytocin that is stimulated during sex. It acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain helping to stop headache pain.

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