5 Inspirational Senior Graduates

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Inspirational Senior Graduates in New Hampshire

Many New Hampshire care professionals will argue that age is just a number. That’s because many seniors have inspired others by their commitment to their education despite having multiple health issues, losing spouses and other obstacles that many younger students let stand in their way. Below are five of the most inspirational seniors to graduate from college after the age of 90.

1. Dorothea Daniels

In 1932, Dorothea set out from Nebraska to California determined to earn her college degree. Once she arrived, she discovered that the college did not accept students from out of state. She got married and did not pursue her education again until 2009. After having to drop her first college course because she found it too difficult, she graduated with her degree in 2015 despite having multiple strokes that took most of her vision.

2. Nola Ochs

Dropping out of school in 1930 to get married, Nola Ochs did not attend another college course for 42 years. She got her first degree in 2007. Two years later, she earned her master’s degree. After all that she accomplished, Nola passed away in December of 2016.

3. Leo Plass

During the Great Depression in 1932, Leo Plass dropped out of school when a friend offered him a great job. It was quite common for students to leave school in pursuit of financial security at that time. In 2011, he finally earned his associate’s degree at the age of 99.

4. Wally Taibleson

Wally worked several jobs to provide for his family. He did not take his first college course until he was 70. Despite having to use a flashlight for extra light and two magnifying glasses to complete his assignments, Wally has now earned three master’s degrees.

5. Doctor Allan Stewart

When World War II broke out Allan Stewart dropped out of college to enlist. After becoming a neurosurgeon in the United States Air Force, he worked for 52 years. After retiring, he went back to school to earn the degree that he was working on when World War II broke out. 

With inspiration from these seniors and help from Home Care Assistance, there’s no reason for seniors to doubt their potential. Our highly trained live-in and hourly caregivers in New Hampshire work around your loved one’s schedule to encourage him or her to engage with others and learn new things. In doing so, they promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Call (603) 471-3004 today to set up a free consultation and learn about our comprehensive care plans.


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