Keeping a Senior Loved One Motivated after Retirement

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Retirement and Motivation for Elderly

Many people dream about retirement for much of their lives. However, when the day finally arrives to leave the workplace for the last time, some retirees quickly lose motivation. They may start spending most of their time at home alone and may even withdraw from social situations.

If you are the family member or caregiver of a retiree, you may be concerned about his or her recent lack of zeal for life. Home Care Assistance New Hampshire recommends talking with your loved one about the following 3 ways to stay motivated after retirement. A little motivation and support can help them to enjoy a healthy, fulfilled way of life.

Develop New Hobbies

After years of working a full-time job, your senior relative may not know what to do with his or her new empty schedule, and may struggle to fill the days with interesting activities. If your loved one faces this common problem, encourage him or her to develop new hobbies. For instance, your loved one might benefit from enrolling in a cooking class, learning to quilt, or discovering the joys of gardening. Learning something new can be stimulating, and can engage the mind to promote memory and cognition.


Many retirees struggle with feelings of unimportance after quitting a job. They may feel like no one needs them anymore. If your loved one is feeling inadequate, talk with him or her about volunteering his or her time with a worthy cause. For example, your relative might be able to work a few hours each week at a food bank, a homeless shelter, or an animal shelter. Helping others often provides a great source of motivation and achievement.

Make New Friends

Some people battle loneliness after retiring from a beloved job. If your senior relative is dealing with this issue, encourage him or her to make new friends. If your loved one isn’t currently utilizing social media sites, you may want to help him or her set up some accounts. Consider taking your relative with you to upcoming social events such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, or bingo night at your favorite restaurant. Meeting some new interesting people may be all that is required to improve your relative’s lack of motivation.

If your senior loved one has trouble getting to events around town or could use a bit of companionship at home, New Hampshire hourly care may be a great resource. With hourly care, your loved one can enjoy companionship from a compassionate caregiver on an as-needed basis, help with daily chores, and transportation to local events and activities.

To learn more about hourly care services or to inquire about live-in care options, reach out to Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire, your local senior home care provider. Our experienced Care Managers are available to help 24/7 – 603-471-3004.


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