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5 Fun Mother’s Day Activities to Enjoy with Your Aging Mom

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Mother’s Day is the time to shower your mom with love, appreciation, and fun. Spending quality time with your elderly mother is important because it provides the opportunity to say thanks for all of the sacrifices she has made for you and your siblings over the years. Here are a few ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day with your senior mom. 

1. Sign Up for an Art Class 

Research local art studios and find out if they are offering senior-friendly art classes the week of Mother’s Day. If so, sign your mother up for the class. Painting can calm the mind and provide something positive to focus on. Art is a good way to lower stress and anxiety levels, which can prevent depression and cardiovascular disease.

Seniors can reduce depression through regular socialization and mental stimulation. For families living in New Hampshire, respite care can be a wonderful solution when their aging loved ones need companionship and socialization a few hours a week or just need minor assistance with daily household tasks. At Home Care Assistance, we thrive on helping seniors maintain their independence while living in the comfort of home.

2. Go Dancing 

Dancing provides aging adults with many health benefits, including weight management, increased muscular strength, better agility and flexibility, and a lower risk of developing heart and lung disease. Some senior centers offer Mother’s Day dances. If there are no dances in your area, you can create a dance party for your mom at the house. To make the moment more special, have your children develop a dance routine to perform for their grandmother. You can also boost your mom’s mental and emotional health by watching old home videos that display her dancing talents. 

If your mom has limited mobility, making it unsafe for her to dance or perform daily tasks, consider hiring a professional caregiver. New Hampshire home care experts are available to provide high-quality care to seniors on an as-needed basis. From assistance with mobility and exercise to providing transportation to the doctor’s office and social events, there are a variety of ways professional caregivers can help your aging loved one continue to live independently.

3. Spend the Day at the Spa 

On Mother’s Day, treat your mother to a day of being pampered. There are a variety of packages you can choose from at most spas, including massages, sauna sessions, and beauty services. If your mom likes the spa day, purchase a gift certificate for her to use on future spa trips. Going to the spa is a great way for seniors to reduce stress and tension in the body, leading to better circulation in the brain and less joint pain. 

4. Take a Vacation to Her Favorite Destination 

Boost your mother’s mood by taking her away for the holiday weekend. You can spend Mother’s Day on an island or take a short road trip to her favorite vacation spot. Make sure to plan fun activities to do once you arrive at the destination, such as sightseeing and dinner shows. Make it a family affair by having your siblings and their children come along for this special occasion. Your mom will feel loved and appreciated knowing you all took the time to plan such a memorable vacation in her honor. 

5. Have a Family Dinner 

You can plan a nice intimate dinner for a few family members or host a large Mother’s Day dinner the entire family can enjoy. Make sure to cook all of your mom’s favorite food items. Asking your mom to help out in the kitchen allows her to enjoy cooking family recipes without being overwhelmed. While eating dinner, asking your mom to talk about the different recipes and how they came to be family traditions may boost her memory and keep her mentally engaged.

As you’re engaged with your mother in doing fun activities, it may be useful to hire a caregiver to assist with daily tasks. Families looking for top-rated New Hampshire elderly care providers can reach out to Home Care Assistance. From respite care to specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s care, there are many ways we can make life easier for seniors and their loved ones. To hire a professionally trained caregiver for your loved one, call us at (603) 471-3004 today.