Helping Seniors Make Exercise a Priority

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Encouraging Seniors to Exercise

With age, it’s important to maintain a fitness regime and stay active to increase circulation and improve heart health. For many seniors, it can be difficult to make exercising a priority and reap the health benefits. To help a loved one stay active and value their health, New Hampshire Home Care Assistance presents a few ways to encourage him or her to exercise during the week.

Recommend Group Classes

Many seniors can find it intimidating to exercise due to limited mobility or certain health ailments. Help your aging parent or loved one to have accountability by recommending group classes that they can take at a local New Hampshire retirement or community center. It will allow them to meet other individuals their age and stay active with the help of an instructor who will respect their limitations. Several walking and dance classes are often offered for moderate activities that are targeted at older age groups.

Purchase Sports Equipment

Peek the interest of your loved one by helping them participate in sports that they may have enjoyed in past years by purchasing equipment that they’ll need. From tennis to bowling, there are a number of activities that will allow them to have fun and can keep them entertained as they improve their mobility with a sport. Owning new sports equipment can allow them to become excited and feel confident in themselves before joining a team or league.

Get a Friend Involved

Seniors are much more likely to stay active if they are able to socialize, making it important to find a friend who is willing to partner with your loved one. Find a friend or relative who can participate in a specific activity or visit the gym with the senior to ensure that they can be encouraged to stay physically fit and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Professional caregivers are also great for helping seniors maintain an exercise routine. Their experience and training can help seniors stay safe while exercising, and they can provide support, encouragement and companionship throughout the activity program. Click here to learn more about professional, part-time caregivers in New Hampshire.

Help your aging parent or loved one enjoy his or her golden years by encouraging regular exercise and activity. To request more information about senior health and wellness, reach out to Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire at 603-471-3004 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager.


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