Driving Miss Norma’s Epic Conclusion

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Driving Miss Norma's Epic Conclusion

At 90 years old, Norma Bauerschmidt from northern Michigan was diagnosed with uterine cancer, just two days after the death of her husband of 67 years. The woman was told that her two options were to undergo surgery and chemotherapy for the disease, which is highly treatable. Instead, she looked the doctor straight in the eye and told him she’d use the time that she had left to take a trip of a lifetime by traveling in an RV across the U.S. He fully supported her decision to live her life to the fullest with her cross-country travels. Below is her story that has inspired both seniors and their at-home New Hampshire caregivers.

Miss Norma went on to see Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park and even saw the presidents of Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota while traveling in a motor home with her son Ted and daughter-in-law Rami. In Florida, she took a hot air balloon ride and while driving through Arizona she made a stop at the Grand Canyon. In Georgia, Miss Norma had her first pedicure and was sure to drink plenty of beer during her travels. Along the way, her trusty poodle and sidekick Ringo also accompanied her.

Over 200,000 people began following her Facebook page, Driving Miss Norma, which was maintained by her daughter-in-law Ramie. Her son admits that the travels have allowed him to learn more about his own mom and have conversations that they might have otherwise never shared. He’s never seen his mom so happy after logging over 7,000 miles in the RV, which has given Norma a new lease on life.

Miss Norma hoped her choice to have an adventure at the ripe age of 90 has inspired other people to avoid adopting an end-of-life mentality in their golden years. She also hopes it would prompt families and live-in caregivers in New Hampshire to discuss how individuals can choose to live after receiving a life-threatening diagnosis.

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