Stroke Prevention for Seniors

Stroke is the third leading cause of death and the number one cause of adult disability in the United States. Furthermore, the risk for stroke increases with age making the senior population, individuals aged 65 and older, extremely at risk for strokes. When a senior experiences a stroke, the brain does not receive the blood and oxygen it needs, resulting in brain damage. Depending on the severity, seniors can experience a range of side effects from loss of speech to paralysis of the body.

New Hampshire elder care professionals state that there are clear risk factors for strokes which include uncontrollable factors such as age, family history and race as well as:

  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Lack of exercise and poor diet
  • Heart problems
  • Stress or depression

Unlike other illnesses and conditions, there are ways to help prevent strokes. Many of the risk factors listed above can be changed to minimize the risk of a stroke. For instance, seniors who smoke should quit immediately, as studies show that smoking increases your risk factor for a stroke by approximately six times.

In addition, seniors should focus on total health including moderate daily exercise and nutritious meal preparation. Diets should include whole grains, leafy vegetables, fruits, lentils and beans and lean protein. For seniors who are struggle with daily activities such as cooking and cleaning, consider a New Hampshire caregiver. A caregiver can help with household chores, and assist with physical therapy activities and physical fitness routines.

Finally, seniors can reduce their risk by controlling their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is recommended seniors visit their doctor for routine check-ups to monitor these levels and make appropriate changes if any exceed the average level.

If you have an elderly parent or loved one who has suffered from a stroke, Home Care Assistance offers comprehensive stroke care in New Hampshire. With Home Care Assistance, stroke survivors receive specialty care tailored to their individual needs, maximizing comfort and safety. In addition, our caregivers offer companionship and emotional support throughout the entire recovery process. Contact a Care Manager today at (603) 471-3004 to schedule a free in-home consultation and provide your loved one with the care they deserve.