What do I need to Provide for a Live-In Caregiver?

Hiring a caregiver can be a huge weight off of a family’s shoulders. Taking care of an elderly or disabled loved one is a full-time job that can get overwhelming at times. It becomes much more manageable with help. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring a live-in caregiver New Hampshire. A professional live-in caregiver is highly trained and experienced in providing senior care. They will take on the senior’s activities of daily living, personal hygiene care and household chores, so the senior and their family do not have to worry. There are some things that a family needs to provide if they want to have a live-in caregiver in their home.

The first thing that needs to be provided is a salary. The salary will be paid for the hours that the caregiver is working with the patient. For families who do not want to be held responsible for compensation, a New Hampshire home care agency can provide the live-in caregiver and compensate them. Most agencies will charge the client and make sure that the caregiver is paid their hourly wages. It is also necessary to provide the live-in caregiver with all the benefits any employee is legally entitled to, such as unemployment insurance, social security, worker’s compensation and overtime pay. These things need to be taken care of in strict accordance with state and federal laws. However, if you go through an agency, they can take care of this as well.

Since the caregiver will be living in the house, they will need living space. At a minimum, this should include a bedroom for the caregiver. They should also have access to the common areas of the house. However, the caregiver should have boundaries as well. Prohibit caregivers from using the senior’s items for their own personal use, such as the phone or car. This will ensure that the senior is not being taken advantage of. It is not necessary to provide professional caregivers with transportation, but providing a vehicle for them to drive the senior to doctor’s appointments or the pharmacy is preferred.

If you do decide that a live-in caregiver is the right choice for your loved one, there preparations must be made first. The most important thing is to find a good fit between the caregiver and the patient.