What Duties will a Professional Caretaker Perform?

For many seniors, normal daily tasks can become a burden as they have difficulty moving around or being on their feet for long periods of time. Additionally, some seniors also must contend with injuries or illnesses that can make keeping up with their daily routine even more challenging. For families who have senior relatives with memory loss, every day can involve constant worry for their loved one’s safety. An in home caregiver can give seniors and their families a much needed break from their daily responsibilities.

When it becomes too challenging for a senior to manage their daily tasks, then it is time to consider an in home care service. When looking for a caregiver, New Hampshire residents often wonder exactly what types of services they can expect when someone comes to a senior’s home. In fact, most people are amazed at the vast array of duties that a caregiver will perform.

Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire provides caregivers who are responsible for ensuring that the personal needs of a senior are taken care of every time they visit. These needs can be physical as well as social and emotional. During a first visit to a senior’s home, a caregiver will assess their situation in order to create a care plan that can be used by the care giving team. They will talk to the senior as well as consult with doctors, family members and other loved ones who can contribute helpful information regarding a senior’s needs.

One of the most important qualities in professional caregivers is reliability. A caregiver will provide consistent services that can include assistance with bathing, cooking meals and even running errands such as grocery shopping. Caregivers are also trained to administer basic first aid, as well as to help a senior remember when to take their medication. For seniors who may wander, a caregiver can ensure that the home is secure and that the patient is safe inside their home each day.

Caregivers are trained to perform many different services for seniors while also allowing them to be as independent as their care plan will allow. Additionally, a caregiver will provide an important source of social interaction for seniors who may be homebound. When a senior receives the care and quality services that an in home caregiver can provide, then they and their families can relax as they discover how efficiently an in home caregiver can meet their needs.