Discussing Future Care Wishes with Aging Parents

No one enjoys talking with their elderly parent or loved one about frightening future possibilities. However, it is important to talk to your loved one about what to do if at some point they are unable to live independently, what their care options are, how their care will be financed, as well as what their preferences are for end of life or New Hampshire hospice care. While often a sensitive and difficult topic, future care wishes must be discussed to ensure the happiness and quality of life for your elderly loved one. There are several key legal documents that ensure that your loved one’s wishes are followed in the event they are unable to make a decision for themselves. It is recommended that these documents are ready in case of an emergency as opposed to before there is an actual need for them.

  • Power of Attorney – A written authorization to represent or act on behalf of your loved one in private affairs, business, or other legal matters.
  • Health Care Proxy – Also known as living will, this person is given the ability to make health care decisions for the loved one in the event that they are unable to. Here, a senior can specify what kind of treatment and care they would prefer, such as home health care in New Hampshire.
  • HIPAA Release Form – If your loved one requires hospitalization and treatment, this acts as a medical release form. If signed by your elderly loved one, the medical team will be allowed to release information and discuss treatment planning with you. Without your loved one’s signature, you will only be able to share your concerns and have no input on the treatment plan.
  • Will – A written will allows your elderly loved one to name an individual to manage their home or estate and provide for the transfer of the property, as well as their personal assets upon death.

To help you along with the process, find a elder care professional or elder law attorney. An elder law attorney specializes in senior care and will be able to provide you and your loved one with advice and information to make educated decisions. Once completed, trusted family and friends need to be aware of where these documents are kept, as well as the future care decisions that were decided. If your elderly parent or loved one has been diagnosed with a chronic condition or a terminal illness, consider Home Care Assistance New Hampshire. With in-home care, seniors are able to stay in a familiar environment with their personal belongings. Caregivers offer compassionate and specialty care to ensure maximum comfort and take on the senior’s household responsibilities allowing them to spend precious time with their friends and family. For more information about our care options, contact a Care Manager today or visit our website at homecareassistance