Tips for Choosing a New Hampshire Home Care Agency

If you are looking for senior care in New Hampshire, there are several agencies to choose from. Below are some tips to help make your decision easier by identifying the responsible and professional agencies.

First, make sure the New Hampshire home care agency provides caregivers who have been certified, bonded and insured. Next, schedule a meeting with the care management team and find out what elder care services they provide, such as custodial or medical services. Lastly, a responsible and professional home care agency will ask the following questions to ensure they can provide comprehensive care that meets all of their client’s needs.

  • What are the client’s needs and expectations?
  • What are the household rules?
  • Who will be involved in decision making regarding care?
  • What is the client and family’s routine?
  • What are the medications, medical status and medical needs of the elderly client?
  • How is the client’s level of function, memory, independence and cognition?
  • Are there any unusual habits to look for?
  • Are there any cultural or religious issues to keep in mind?
  • Does the client have any allergies?

Each of these questions will help the care management team to develop a care plan that meets the personal preferences, medical needs and enhances the safety of the care recipient. This is an essential factor in determining whether or not the home care agency will provide the high level of care your loved one deserves.

Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire of seniors and their families. Not only are caregivers certified, bonded and insured, they are highly trained and experienced senior care providers. Call (603) 471-3004 to schedule your free in-home consultation today and rest assured your loved one is in good hands.