Why Should Seniors Hire a Full-Time Caregiver?

For aging seniors, home means a lifetime of cherished memories, objects and a daily routine that defines their lives. However, the ability to stay at home can begin to pose unique challenges for the aging population. Even with assistance from family and friends, many seniors find that their ability to live in and maintain their home can become increasingly difficult.

With the assistance of a professional live-in caregiver, the home can continue to serve as a way for seniors to maintain their independence. Live-in help for aging seniors provides many advantages and generally leads to a better quality of life. A primary live-in caregiver, who is there around the clock for four to five days a week, provides consistency for their client. They are familiar with the routine and able to address any care issues at any given time. For the remaining days of the week, a secondary caregiver is usually assigned, providing respite for the primary caregiver, while ensuring the care recipient still receives a high level of attention. This allows the aging senior and their family to rest assured knowing round-the-clock attention and support is provided, without having to move into a retirement community or care facility.

Moving to a new home or community is extremely difficult for an aging senior and their family. While a move to a retirement community may be a suitable option for some individuals, for many, the unfamiliarity of a new place can be a major source of distress and even depression. Having to adjust to new people is another difficulty. In contrast, hiring a long term New Hampshire home health care agency provides the aging senior with a simple transition in the comfort at home. While it may be difficult initially to adjust to a new person around; that difficulty is soon replaced by a feeling of confidence and safety.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of having a live-in caregiver is that it lessens the burden on family members. Family members want to help, but they usually aren’t equipped to meet all the challenges their parents face. When a live-in caregiver is placed in a senior’s home life, the important people in the senior’s life–their family and friends–can continue to act as they did before, without having to take on the role as primary caregiver.

There are many options for senior care, but only one place that an aging senior calls home. The ability to stay at home and “age in place” is an increasingly popular solution for today’s seniors. It’s the only option that allows them to continue making memories in the place they know and love. Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire is the live-in care expert, offering professionally trained caregivers and flexible home care plans. Call (603) 471-3004 today to learn more about how live-in care can improve your loved one’s life.