What’s the Difference between In-Home Assisted Living and an Assisted Living Facility?

How we care for our aging citizens changes as the years go by. There was a time when aging parents lived with their children and received all regular care from them. Over the years, institutions came to replace family members. The current model is a blend of the two services. While institutions like nursing homes and assisted living facilities are still available for seniors, there are also services available for in home assisted living New Hampshire. If you are struggling with the decision of moving your loved one into an assisted living facility, then you might want to look at the benefits of in home care first.

Level of Medical Care

Every person requires different levels of medical care and this is the biggest factor dictating where a senior citizen ultimately goes to live. A person who requires regular skilled nursing care for a serious medical condition may be best served in a nursing home. Someone who needs help remembering medication, getting a balanced diet and with personal hygiene may live quite happily in an assisted living facility. However, these same people can also receive home care New Hampshire, allowing them to stay in their homes with the help of in-home assisted living services.

Affordable Care

When your loved one goes into an assisted living facility, the overhead expenses must be passed on to them. This includes the building, full-time staff, utilities and other charges. With home health care for seniors, the overhead costs are drastically reduced because there is no building to cover. This makes in-home assisted living a much more affordable option for seniors on a fixed income. The perfect choice for people who just need a little assistance or families that just want some respite care, in home assisted living provides the help that is needed.

Familiar Surroundings

While the financial benefits of in-home assisted living are very attractive, there are also important emotional benefits associated with this decision. Many seniors are very attached to their homes and do not want to move from them. In a facility, your mother or father will have one small room. They will have to carefully pick and choose which belongings will go with them. When they are able to stay at home, they can continue to enjoy their beloved house, treasured belongings and favorite pieces of furniture. This can boost their spirits and allow them to enjoy their final years a little more.

There are going to be cases where a facility is the better choice, particularly if there are serious medical concerns or a need for more frequent nursing attention. However, there are many times when the best choice is in-home assisted living New Hampshire. At Home Care Assistance, we specialize in providing respite care, daycare, and personal care for seniors who want to stay home but cannot quite take care of themselves anymore.