How to Protect Seniors from Kidney Stones

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Kidney Stone in New Hampshire, NH

Kidney stones are solid formations that cause a lot of pain in a person’s urinary tract. These stones are usually made of common minerals that are found in food sources. Calcium and phosphorus account for a large percentage of all kidney stones. Oxalates, which are naturally found in animal protein, are also known to cause hard formations in the kidneys. Following are a few ways New Hampshire live-in caregivers recommend preventing kidney stones.

Stay Hydrated

Most elderly individuals don’t drink enough water on a daily basis. A lack of water can increase the risk of getting kidney stones because water is needed to flush the urinary tract of pollutants. It’s highly recommended that seniors drink at least two liters of water each day in order to prevent kidney stones. Drinking juices and other types of beverages might not reduce this risk. For example, seniors should not consume milk that is fortified with calcium and phosphorus regularly. 

Limit Protein

Eating a lot of meat, fish and dairy products could lead to kidney stones because these products consist of calcium oxalates or uric acid. It’s best to substitute animal-based protein with protein that is derived from plants in order to prevent kidney stones from forming. Tofu is a rich source of protein that is extracted from soybeans that won’t cause kidney stones. 

Get Lab Tests

Seniors should routinely get blood and urine tests to determine the presence of any kidney stones. These simple tests allow doctors to determine the most appropriate treatment based on the types of substances that are identified in a person’s kidneys. Lab analysis can also detect polycystic kidney disease and other similar conditions that may cause kidney stones.

Boost Vitamin Intake

Vitamin D and vitamin K directly impact the absorption of calcium in the body. When consumed in adequate amounts, these fat-soluble vitamins cause calcium to be deposited into bones and teeth. A deficiency in these vitamins may direct calcium into the bloodstream and ultimately the kidneys. Seniors might have to take vitamin D and vitamin K supplements to ensure that calcium goes to the proper destinations in the body.

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