Involving Children in the Caregiving Process

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While many adults take on the responsibility of caring for their aging parents, they often times have children in the home as well. As a caregiver, you know that you can’t possibly do it all. Most likely, you rely on the help of your spouse, hired caregivers in New Hampshire, or perhaps neighbors. Yet, there is another group that is helpful. In fact, they are right under the same roof…your children. Whether you have young children or teens, there are benefits to involving them in the caregiving process.
Start by informing your children – in simple terms – about the type of care that their grandparent needs. Then, explain that they have a chance to help. Along with spending quality time, they can do simple tasks such as bringing a glass of water or assisting with laundry. It encourages responsibility, thoughtfulness and provides a way for the kids to show appreciation on an ongoing basis.

Grandparents love spending quality time with the grandkids, young and older. Often times, seeing their grandchildren is a reminder of the legacy they have built, which is a source of great contentment. Despite their current state of dependence brought on by physical or mental conditions, it is their grandchildren that continue to add to a fulfilling life.

Children at any age benefit from being with grandma and grandpa as well. Youth can learn a lot from their grandparents by simply having a conversation. Most seniors are eager share accounts of decades ago, pass on interesting facts about the family history or even reveal a secret recipe. Likewise, children can open up to the seniors about what their school day was like or discuss other things going on in their lives. The grandparents don’t see them as a hindrance, and will often delight at the chance to offer advice. Together, it can actually turn out to be a circle of caring for each other.

Include your whole family in the caregiving process, and when you become overwhelmed by your many responsibilities don’t be afraid to look to outside assistance. Home Care Assistance is a leading provider of in-home care in New Hampshire. We provide care on an hourly or live-in basis and can assist seniors with meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders transportation and more.

We also provide specialized care services including dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke and Parkinson’s home care in New Hampshire, so you can rest assured knowing your aging loved one will receive the type and level of care they need and deserve. For more information about our in-home care services, contact a friendly and knowledgeable Care Manager at 603-471-3004.


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