How Seniors Can Increase Mental Awareness

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A decline in mental awareness was once accepted as a normal part of the aging process. Now, research has begun to show that there are many effective strategies that can be used to preserve one’s cognitive skills well into the golden years. While everyone knows that a full night of sleep and staying active during the day will help with mental alertness, there are several other fun ways to boost mental functioning in seniors so that they can get the most out of life.

  • Practice Mindfulness – Multitasking has become the standard for how many people go about their day; however, too much cognitive shifting can create memory lapses and leave one feeling frazzled by the end of the day. Mindfulness involves simply paying complete attention to each task that a person performs. Seniors can focus on the sensations they experience as they eat, exercise and engage in their favorite hobbies. Those who practice mindfulness tend to report improvements in their memory of every day events.
  • Eat Superfoods – Too often, seniors are given a list of foods not to eat, yet there are many delicious foods that can enhance their meals while providing cognitive benefits. For example, walnuts are full of alpha linolenlic acid, which helps to get mind-boosting oxygen to the brain. Additionally, a diet that includes a variety of berries has been shown to reduce mental decline in older women. If you or an elderly loved one needs help with meal preparation or other household activities, click here to learn more about hourly home care in New Hampshire.
  • Stay Hydrated – Many seniors are at risk for dehydration due to decreased thirst and increased sweating that can be caused by certain medications. When a person becomes dehydrated, their brain tissue decreases in size, which is linked to impaired focus, short-term memory and decision-making abilities. This can all be prevented by making sure a senior adult drinks enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated.
  • Play Video Games – Technologically-savvy seniors can benefit from playing video games and online activities that are designed for boosting mental awareness. From memory games to virtual puzzles, challenging the brain is a great way to increase mental skills while staying entertained. Those who add a social component to their video game sessions will also find that spending time with others engaged in an enjoyable activity will help to keep their mind youthful and strong.

With the right knowledge and support, there are many ways in which seniors can enjoy heightened mental awareness. If you or an aging loved one need help with any of the above activities or require assistance with activities of daily living, personal care or transportation, contact Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire. With the support of our caregivers, seniors receive the assistance they need to happily age in place. Call 603-471-3004 now to speak with a Care Manager and schedule your complimentary in-home consultation.


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