6 Fun Ways for Seniors to Strengthen Their Arms

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Fun Ways for Elderly to Strengthen Arms in New Hampshire

There are many activities seniors can do to tone their arms and increase arm strength and flexibility. As a family caregiver, you can encourage and assist your loved one in any of these tasks to help strengthen his or her arms. New Hampshire senior care experts discuss a few daily activities that are perfect for building arm strength.

1. Gardening

Watering, hoeing, and harvesting require arm muscles. This makes growing delicious food and beautiful flowers in the garden an enjoyable, arm-strengthening hobby.

2. Swimming

Encourage your senior loved one to take a dip in the pool, as swimming can help tone the arms. While lap swimming is useful, you can also encourage your aging loved one to take a water exercise class. 

3. Backyard Farming

Rabbits, goats, and chickens are common backyard farm animals. Taking care of these animals can strengthen arm muscles, because of the feeding and watering. 

4. Dancing

Music is not only good for the soul, it is also helpful for the arm muscles. Your aging loved one can choose from a variety of styles, including disco, cha-cha, and square dancing. While the music is lifting the soul, your loved one is toning his or her arms.

5. Golfing

Suggest your loved one round up some of his or her friends and head to the nearest golf course. Golfing is a great workout for the arms. Making the perfect swing, as well as carrying the equipment, can strengthen your loved one’s arm muscles. 

6. Fishing

Your loved one’s favorite fishing hole may be calling him or her. Try taking him or her on a fishing trip soon. Carrying equipment and casting offer a great workout for the arms. You can make it even better by fishing from a canoe, as the paddling may give your senior loved one’s arms a great workout. 

With some encouragement, your loved one can strengthen his or her arms and lead a healthier life. New Hampshire live-in caregivers at Home Care Assistance work around the clock to encourage and assist seniors in a variety of daily activities and exercises that can uplift their spirits and boost their health. If your loved one is in need of assistance with his or her daily tasks, call one of our friendly Care Managers today at (603) 471-3004.


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