5 Ways to Help Seniors Prevent Life Insurance Scams

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Different Ways to Help Seniors Prevent Life Insurance Scams in New Hampshire, NH

Many seniors never consider their life insurance agent might be scamming them out of money. While insurance is important for many families, it is quite easy for agents to take advantage of senior clients. Seniors and their caregivers should learn more about how life insurance works and how to avoid scams. 

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1. Calculate Financial Needs First

Before contacting an insurance agent, go over your loved one’s finances to determine the size of the policy he or she needs. Sometime even honest agents can try to get clients to increase their coverage, even though most seniors don’t need a policy worth millions. As your loved one looks at different insurance options, encourage him or her to consider factors such as age, health, current debt, and financial dependents. 

2. Research Different Forms of Life Insurance

One of the ways companies scam the elderly is by having them “invest” in a new form of life insurance. While some policies do offer a minimal return, they are generally not good investments. Even a modest retirement account can have much better returns than a life insurance policy, and your loved one should be wary of someone who guarantees any money back. Most seniors need nothing more than a basic term or whole life policy with consistent premiums. 

3. Avoid Aggressive Agents and Companies

No one likes pushy salespeople, including insurance agents. If a company or agent becomes overly aggressive with sales tactics, it might be time to look for insurance elsewhere. Insurance companies should never call multiple times a week or push seniors to expand their coverage after they have signed the paperwork. They should also be able to provide clear information regarding how and when they will contact your loved one. 

4. Get a Second Opinion

Life insurance can be a major investment, and it is always a good idea to get multiple quotes and opinions. Many agents can even match another company’s price to keep someone’s business. In addition to contacting other reputable insurance companies, seniors should speak with a relative or loved one they trust to get a second opinion on their options. 

5. Check for Complaints and Bad Ratings

Before signing the final paperwork, spend a little extra time researching the company. Even larger companies with thousands of customers can have multiple complaints or bad ratings due to their practices. Seniors must be sure the company is reputable and puts the needs of its clients first. The company should be able to provide paperwork that clearly states all of its policies and prices.

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