Easy Ways Seniors Can Reduce Negative Arthritis Effects

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Effortless Ways to Reduce Arthritis Effects

Arthritis pain can be unrelenting, and it typically increases with age. While some wear and tear on the joints is inevitable, there are many things that can be done to lessen the effects of arthritis. If you provide home care for an aging parent who experiences painful joints and stiffness, suggest these simple ways to relieve pain while preventing further damage.

Practice Weight Management

With every movement your loved one makes, the joints bear the brunt of the strain. For this reason, it is best to maintain a healthy weight so there’s no added pressure applied to joints. Losing weight can be especially beneficial for seniors whose knees are most affected by arthritis.

Spice It Up

Many herbs and spices have properties that relieve inflammation. Turmeric is one spice that contains a chemical call curcumin, which has been shown to relieve arthritis-related inflammation. Primrose oil is also an effective herb that can be found in oil or tea form for easy consumption. Other herbs with anti-inflammatory properties include cinnamon, cloves, sage, and oregano to name a few.

Start Exercising

A work out may be the last thing your loved one wants to do when arthritis flares up. However, a brisk walk outdoors can relieve stiffness in joints while increasing flexibility. During times when arthritis is especially painful, consider a non-weight-bearing workout such as water aerobics.

Try Meditation

Arthritis pain can be worse during stressful times. Therefore, spending a few minutes each day meditating can help to relax the mind and distract from pain. Seniors just beginning meditation can try mindfulness, which simply involves focusing only on the task at hand.

Schedule a Massage

Massaging arthritis-affected muscles and joints can have tremendous benefits for pain relief in addition to increasing range of motion. Self-massage techniques can be learned from an experienced physical therapist, however, a professional massage from a licensed therapist will provide the greatest benefits.

Arthritis symptoms can make daily living difficult for seniors. If your loved one could use a helping hand around the house, whether a few times a week or on a daily basis, consider part-time care in New Hampshire. Every caregiver with Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire is expertly trained to help with a wide variety of tasks and always provides care with the utmost respect and dignity. Call us today at (603) 471-3004 and schedule a free in-home consultation to learn more.


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