American Heart Month: All About Heart Disease

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Tips for Preventing Senior Heart Disease

Did you know that February is American Heart Month? A campaign put on by the American Heart Association, American Heart Month aims to increase awareness about heart disease and the health complications that can arise from poor lifestyle habits. In support of the campaign, Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire wants to share some information about heart disease so that you can protect your loved one and promote a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among both men and women in the United States. While the elderly have an increased risk for heart attack, risk factors often affect women differently than men. However, the good news is that a majority of heart disease cases are preventable. The following information will tell you what you can do as a caregiver to help protect your loved one from a heart disease diagnosis.

  • Exercise – Have your aging loved one engage in doctor-approved exercise to help keep the heart healthy. A short daily walk with friends or family, or even doing a few extra chores around the house can get the blood pumping and help to protect the heart.
  • Eat Well – See to it a diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables is adhered to, and include plenty of fiber. Make sure intake of saturated fat, trans fat, and sodium is minimal, and limit foods and drinks that contain sugar. A healthy and well balanced diet can go a long way in ensuring the heart operates at optimal levels.
  • Manage Weight – Since excess weight raises heart disease risk, it is important to monitor conditions that result from being overweight such as obesity and diabetes. These individuals have a higher risk for heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions and should consult with their doctor to determine the best plan for treatment.
  • Monitor Health – Keep blood pressure under control and regularly monitor levels by making sure your loved one attends regular medical check-ups. If your loved one lacks transportation or requires accompaniment to ensure that doctor’s recommendations are properly understood, hourly care in New Hampshire is a reliable option that can provide seniors with the assistance needed to get to and from medical appointments safely.

If your aging parent or loved one needs assistance with any of the above strategies for improved heart health, reach out to Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire at 603-471-3004 today. Our caregivers are trained in our Balanced Care Method which focuses on healthy diet, regular exercise, social ties and achieving a sense of calmness and purpose, and we also provide specialty stroke care in New Hampshire for stroke survivors and seniors who have experienced similar complications.


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