Guidelines for Healthy Weight in Your Golden Years

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Weight management becomes increasingly important in one’s golden years. Due to a slower metabolism, possible medication side effects and a decrease in physical activity, many senior adults struggle with keeping their weight within the recommended guidelines. Yet, maintaining a healthy weight is the best way to avoid serious health conditions such as heart disease and stroke. Here, are the top guidelines that all seniors should follow for managing a healthy weight.

  • Focus on Quality not Quantity

    As a person ages, their nutritional needs change. For senior adults, the general rule is to decrease one’s caloric intake while increasing the nutrition included in each meal. New Hampshire elder care experts and dieticians recommend that senior adults focus on incorporating lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables into their meal plans while limiting fats and empty calories.
  • Know Your Healthy Weight Range

    Everyone has a specific weight range at which their body functions at its best. This range is determined by one’s height, weight, gender and overall state of health. Due to new health conditions and medications, many senior adults find that their weight may fluctuate from month to month. Understanding the correct range can help one to identify a potential problem early enough to stay within the recommended guidelines.
  • Find Ways to Stay Active

    Along with a healthy diet, regular physical activity is essential for maintaining one’s weight. For those who struggle with weight gain, exercise will help to burn calories and increase muscle. Seniors who find that a lack of appetite contributes to weight loss will also discover that staying active can help to stimulate their desire to eat a full meal.
  • Use Technology to Track Progress

    Today, weight management no longer means measuring tapes and weekly weigh-ins. Now, senior adults can use mobile apps to track their progress toward meeting their fitness goals. Additionally, seniors can add a social element to their weight management plan by including status updates and virtual workouts into their daily routine. This way, following the recommended guidelines will become a natural and enjoyable part of a senior’s day.

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