3 Ways to Get Caregiving Help from Others

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3 Ways to Get Caregiving Help from Others

Caring for an aging parent at home is a way to give back to the person that has always been there for you. While it can be a rewarding experience, it can quickly become overwhelming and stressful trying to manage your care responsibilities with family and work obligations. We know, because we’ve been there too! So if you’re stressed, here are three ways to get assistance with your caregiving load.

  1. Just Ask!

    It sounds overly simplistic, but asking for help is the easiest way to get it, especially if you ask for something specific. Need the kids picked up from school? Someone to simply sit with your loved one? Many people don’t offer help because they’re not sure what to do, but if you ask for specifics, you’ll often receive it. You can also get family members involved with care by creating a schedule. There are many online planners such as caringbridge which can help plan for appointments, medications, meals and overall care.

  2. Hire Helpers.

    Don’t have time to mow the lawn? Wish you had extra time to clean the house? Perhaps you need assistance grocery shopping? Many cities have local businesses that can help or neighborhood kids looking to make an extra few bucks. Prioritize your list of things to do and see if you can sign off the less important tasks to others for a low fee. Think creatively about how to solve your caretaking issues!

  3. Look at Care Options.

    While there are options for senior care from adult day care services to part-time assisted living facilities, a majority of families prefer home care because it allows the senior to remain in comfortable and familiar surroundings. Plus, a professional caregiver can provide quality care, while also helping with household chores you’ve fallen behind on.

Now that you’ve gotten a few ideas, it’s time to get help so that you can remain a caring, compassionate caregiver instead of a stressed out mess! For information about respite or part-time care available near you, click here or contact Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire directly at 603-471-3004.


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