Where to Turn when Support Groups are Scattered

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Providing 24 hour care for a senior at home is a demanding job. In addition to assisting with household chores and personal care at home, you are also responsible for  your loved one’s transportation for appointments, prescription pick-ups, grocery shopping and in some cases, you may even take on the role of accountant or financial manager. As much as you care for your parent or family member, it is okay to admit that caregiving can leave you physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. However, you are not alone in this journey; there are people who can help.

If you have supportive family that live near you or belong to a close knit group or organization, you may not need additional means of support. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many caregivers. Families are often spread throughout the United States, leaving one family member with the burden of caregiving. In other cases, families may not get along or agree about caregiving decisions, causing tension and more stress for the individual providing care.

If you care for an aging parent, grandparent or loved one and feel that your strong support groups are scattered or non-existent, worry not. Support groups for caregivers are available in almost all communities. If you are apprehensive about attending a support group meeting, you are not alone. Many caregivers shy away from attending such meetings because they are unsure about sharing their story or feel they may not need the support. However, the benefits of support groups are numerous and can include:

  • Education and learning about caregiving tactics
  • New relationships with peers to boost mood and outlook
  • Feelings relief and peace of mind realizing others are in the same position
  • Motivation for the caregiver to continue with care responsibilities
  • Emotional support from someone with firsthand experience

There are also many online support groups if you are unable to attend a meeting at a physical location. Such groups and forums are also often dedicated to specific caregiving groups such as caregiving spouses, caring for aging parents, caring for seniors with memory conditions, etc. This allows you to connect with those experiencing the same struggles, and often the same emotions, helping you to better cope and be the best caregiver possible.

Finally, we are here for you if your support groups are scattered. Home Care Assistance is a provider of home care New Hampshire families trust, offering high quality for seniors at home, while providing emotional support for family caregivers. Whether you are interested in learning more about care services or simply want to have a conversation about your current situation, reach out to a friendly Care Manager at 603-471-3004. We’re here to help 24/7.


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