Natural Ways Elderly Women Can Regrow Hair

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Natural Hair Loss Solutions for Senior Women in New Hampshire

Female hair loss affects 40 percent of women, with the condition typically becoming noticeable when a woman enters her 50s or 60s. While there is no reliable solution to regrow hair lost due to genetic reasons, there are natural ways to slow hair loss. Here are a few suggestions, presented by New Hampshire senior care professionals.

Make Dietary Adjustments

A diet deficient in omega-3s, iron, protein, and other essential nutrients can contribute to hair loss. A diet that includes a mix of fruits and veggies and nutrient-rich foods like eggs, walnuts, and fish often results in healthier cells, which can help strengthen hair and prevent increased hair loss.

Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss in women. By reducing stress, learning relaxation techniques, or getting light exercise on a regular basis, women may be able to reverse hair loss.

Stimulate the Scalp

Regular scalp massages help encourage hair growth. A head massage is something seniors can easily do while shampooing and conditioning hair. In order to be effective, a head or scalp massage should last about 10 minutes. Seniors can also purchase scalp massagers, which are inexpensive and easy to use in the comfort of home.

Use Essential Oils

Natural oils can play a role in minimizing hair loss and encouraging hair regrowth. Jojoba oil, for instance, is very similar to natural oils normally produced by the cells within the scalp. Coconut oil, tea tree oil, cedar wood oil, and lavender oil are also beneficial.

Change Hair Styles

Hairstyles like ponytails, buns, braids tend to pull on hair and place added stress on hair follicles. Varying hairstyles regularly will help prevent greater hair loss in senior women.

Drink Green Tea

Research suggests green tea may reduce levels of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone linked to hair loss. The general recommendation is two to three cups per day. In addition to helping slow hair loss, green tea is chock-full of antioxidants that prevent numerous other health issues.

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