3 Exercises Any Senior Can Enjoy

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3 Exercises Any Senior Can Enjoy

As a person ages, exercise becomes even more essential for maintaining strength and helping with weight management. However, many senior adults find that their former exercise programs may no longer fit their current level of physical fitness. As the live-in care specialists in New Hampshire, we’ve found 3 exercises that any senior can enjoy to stay active, even if they experience limited mobility.

  1. Chair Exercises

    A fear of falling is one barrier that many senior adults face when it comes to exercise. Whether one has severe arthritis or is in a wheelchair, chair exercises offer a way to fit in several small exercises each day. Sitting leg lifts, bicep curls and arm rotations are a few exercises that can be done that can help seniors maintain their strength and range of motion, while increasing stamina.

  2. Water Aerobics

    For seniors who struggle with chronic pain or are unable to do weight-bearing exercise, water aerobics provide an option that can take the strain off of achy joints. Seniors can join a special fitness class or simply practice kicking and lifting their legs in the water. When practiced regularly, water exercises have the added bonus of providing both cardiovascular and strength training benefits.

  3. Partner Stretches

    Keeping a senior adult’s muscles and joints flexible is important for improving their range of motion and preventing falls. Seniors who find it difficult to perform stretches alone may enjoy having a loved one or professional home caregiver assist them with partner stretches. During this form of exercise, a partner can provide additional support for a senior adult’s limbs whether they choose to stand or complete them from a sitting position.

Staying in shape requires regular exercise which may pose a challenge for those with limited mobility! For more information about senior health and fitness, contact Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire today at 603-471-3004.


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