Education: A Longevity Secret

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Education - A Longevity Secret

Education may be part of the secret to living longer, healthier lives. Research on education and longevity, including extensive studies by Harvard and Johns Hopkins, suggest that education acquired early in life may have benefits for seniors and older adults. Add this to research suggesting that ongoing learning can possibly prevent some forms of dementia by maintaining important brain functions, and it’s easy to make a case for education at any stage of life.

Education and Longevity

The previously mentioned Harvard study found that individuals with at least one year of college added about a year and a half to their lifespan compared to their counterparts with a high school education only. Research like this shows that education acquired early in life can have more of an impact beyond landing a good job with a decent salary.

Benefits of Lifelong Learning

It’s no secret that an active brain is good at any age. For seniors, continuously acquiring new knowledge, regardless of how much education was acquired early in life, can stimulate important parts of the brain that may otherwise suffer from inactivity with age. Seniors can continue to learn in their golden years by:

  • Taking a college course or an online class
  • Tackling a daily crossword puzzle
  • Participating in educational travel trips (to explore different cultures up close)
  • Learning how to use social media
  • Learning a new skill (with popular choices including cooking, quilt making and scrap-booking)

Seniors choosing to pursue education later in life tend to have more time to devote to their lessons and studies. There’s also the luxury of choosing courses based more on interest and less on earnings potential.

Enhanced Physical & Emotional Health

Education and continuing to learn can also give seniors a sense of fulfillment and purpose, feelings that often decline in aging adults. When a senior feels a sense of purpose, they not only have a more positive outlook on life, they are often more inclined to take care of themselves.

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