How Elderly Drivers Can Stay Safe This Summer

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Important Driving Safety Tips for Seniors This Summer in New Hampshire

Driving in the summer can seem deceptively safe since other seasonal hazards such as snow and rain are no longer a worry. Yet, summer driving has its own dangers that seniors should be aware of, and they can be prevented with these simple tips presented by New Hampshire senior care agency, Home Care Assistance.

Stay Alert for New Drivers

When school lets out, more teens hit the road. Unfortunately, their lack of driving experience can increase the risk of accidents. Vacationing adults driving in unfamiliar locations can also lead to sudden stops and missed traffic signals. Senior drivers should stay alert for other drivers that seem unsafe, and move away from them as soon as possible.

Get Tires Inspected

As the heat index rises, a tire’s air pressure also increases. This, combined with the heat of the road wearing out the rubber can lead to blowouts. Seniors can avoid a dangerous flat tire by having them inspected at the beginning of the summer. It is also important to check the air pressure anytime the temperature changes by more than 10 degrees.

Cool the Vehicle

The inside of a vehicle can get dangerously hot in the summer months. Seniors should make sure they have a working air conditioner. It may also be necessary to open the doors or windows to let the warm air out before getting into the vehicle. Placing a sunshade on the windshield when the car is parked can also prevent scalding steering wheel and seat burns.

Watch for Road Construction

Warmer weather also means that road construction projects tend to increase. If possible, seniors should check their route beforehand to see if there are any major construction delays. Many communities post road closings online, or seniors can use their smartphone map app when they are driving in a new location. If it is necessary to drive through a construction zone, then slowing to the appropriate speed will make it easier to watch for pedestrians and work trucks.

Keep Fluids Filled

Few things can ruin a lovely summer day like being stranded by the side of the road. During the summer, vehicles are more likely to overheat due to a lack of coolant so seniors should make sure theirs is at the right level. While doing so, they should go ahead and check all of the fluids to make sure there will be no surprises along the road.

Learn more about promoting senior safety from the friendly staff at Home Care Assistance. Our live-in, part-time, and respite caregivers in New Hampshire ensure independent seniors have the assistance needed to maintain health and safety through each season. Give our office a call at (603) 471-3004 and speak with a dedicated Care Manager for more information.


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