4 Tips for Seniors Moving into a Smaller Home

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Helping Seniors Move Into a Smaller House in New Hampshire

Downsizing is one option that offers seniors the opportunity to simplify their lifestyle. Yet, sorting through a lifetime of belongings can be overwhelming. Seniors and their families can use these four strategies from New Hampshire caregivers to make the process easier for everyone.

1. Shift Perspective

Many people begin the process of downsizing by thinking about how many things they will need to let go. However, this tends to increase feelings of loss. Instead, seniors should take a fresh look at each room and think about which items they would actually care to replace if everything was already gone. Not only can this help seniors let go, it can build a sense of excitement.

2. Use Creative Storage

A smaller home will naturally have less room to store items. Yet, there are tons of ways to increase the storage in a room. For example, ottomans with storage compartments can provide a place to stash movies and electronic accessories. Additionally, beds with drawers underneath the mattress and vertical shelving can maximize space in smaller rooms.

3. Donate to a Good Cause

The majority of things in a person’s house still hold value, and giving them to someone in need can make downsizing a positive experience. Call community organizations, and find out if they could use furniture, clothing and other items. Even schools, daycares, and churches could use things such as craft supplies that cannot be moved to the new residence.

4. Step Away Occasionally

Since downsizing can be both emotionally and physically taxing, it is important for seniors to take breaks. For example, spending time walking around a neighborhood park could allow a senior to return home ready to tackle more sorting and packing. For seniors moving to an entirely new community, it is also helpful to spend some time exploring their new neighborhood so that they can find exciting and interesting things or places to look forward to after the move.

One of the main reasons seniors move to a smaller home is to reduce the amount of upkeep required, which can be challenging for seniors to maintain as they get older. If your aging parent or relative could use a helping hand with tasks like cleaning, cooking, and running errands, reach out to Home Care Assistance at (603) 471-3004. As a trusted provider of senior care in New Hampshire, we can ensure your loved one has the support needed to maintain a happy, healthy, and safe lifestyle in the comfort of home.


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