Helping Adult Children Accept Downsizing

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How to Help Adult Children Accept Downsizing in New Hampshire

When it comes time to downsize your home, you may experience a lot of opposition from your children. Helping adult children grieve the loss of a property that you can no longer maintain will likely take some effort. Following are a few tips from New Hampshire elderly care professionals to help you get started.

Let Your Adult Children Know What Your Plans Are Early On

Don’t wait until the sale of your property has already closed before discussing your decision. This gives your children little time to say goodbye to their childhood home or offer up suggestions for alternative solutions. Although these may be the very things that you’re hoping to avoid, bear in mind that many people have strong emotional ties to the home where they grew up. Talking about these emotions can actually make it a bit easier for you to make peace with your own decision, even as you offer reassurance to others.

Assert Your Right to Make This Decision

Although you want to be considerate of your loved ones’ feelings, you should never feel pressured or forced to do something with your property that you don’t want to. Explain to your kids that you have carefully thought your decision through and then list some of the reasons why you’ve chosen to downsize. Make peace with the fact that some of your adult children may never agree with your choice before entering into these discussions.

Ask for and Consider Reasonable Alternatives

Downsizing your home may feel essential, but many families have been able to come together to find feasible alternatives to selling their family homes to outside buyers. Discussions about your decision to downsize will give you the chance to bring everyone fully up to speed on your current wellbeing and any decrease in your physical abilities. Once your loved ones are made aware of your intentions and your needs, they may be able to devise a solution that is preferable to everyone involved.

Create a Special Package of Mementos for Each Child

Make sure that each child is given something of strong sentimental value to hold onto. This is a time to make digital copies of all your favorite pictures and then pass the hard copies on. Divvying up items that have strong emotional ties right now could prevent disputes later on. It will also make packing a lot easier. 

Schedule a Family Dinner

Consider the benefits of hosting one last large family event in your home. You can hire a catering company or encourage everyone to bring a dish. Make this a time to pass down heirlooms and to take a few final photos in the space. If everyone has a chance to say goodbye to the family home before new owners move in, the grieving process will be much easier.

Some seniors choose to downsize because it makes daily living much easier. If this sounds like a familiar situation, know that help is available. Home Care Assistance offers live-in, part-time, and respite care New Hampshire families trust. Our experienced and professional caregivers can help with everything from meal preparation to running errands. Give us a call today at (603) 471-3004 and learn more about our comprehensive care services.


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