Exceptional Dementia Care for Seniors in New Hampshire

With the help of the expert dementia caregivers at Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire, families can rest assured knowing that the highest level of quality care is being provided to their loved ones. Our hourly and live-in care services allow those struggling with the disease all the comforts of their very own home. We maximize the physical, emotional, and mental health of our patients, even allowing those with advanced cases to continue to age in place. Our highly trained dementia caregivers help their clients:

  • Combat depression through companionship
  • Maintain proper nutrition through prepared meals
  • Ensure safety through friendly observation
  • Keep their minds sharp through social interaction and activities
  • Improve physical and emotional health through exercise
Dementia Care New Hampshire
New Hampshire Dementia Care

Support for Seniors with Dementia throughout Each Stage of the Disease

Our caregivers can assist those suffering from dementia with everyday tasks that may have become complicated or confusing due to the disease. As the ability to perform even simple tasks like brushing teeth or going to the bathroom declines, our dementia caregivers can offer the assistance needed to keep your loved ones comfortable.

Through the many stages of the disease it is important to maintain proper hygiene and activity. We ensure that the client stays involved in life by helping them exercise, walk, and engage in social interaction through games, activities and events. It is important to maintain muscular activity and oxygen flow.

Our dementia caregivers also assist in preparing meals and encouraging quality nutrition. A diet consistent with physician recommendations including vegetables and fruits, fiber, and omega-3 can actually slow the effects of dementia.

Our Caregivers focus not only on physical health but are also there to provide mental and social stimulation, thus helping to keep the mind sharp and active. This can go a long way in reducing depression and prevent some behavioral/emotional agitation. This level of care allows family members a sense of comfort knowing that their parent or sibling is being properly watched over.

Our Unique Wellness Program for Dementia Patients

Recognizing the need for engagement and stimulation among our clients with dementia, the scientific division of Home Care Assistance created the Cognitive Therapeutics Method. This in-home wellness program uses cognitively stimulating activities to enhance brain health, mental acuity and cognitive vitality for seniors with dementia, while helping to improve their quality of life and provide them with a sense of achievement. The best part; all of our caregivers are trained in this unique method which is available to our clients at no additional cost.

Contact Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire today to request a properly trained, insured, bonded and, most importantly, experienced dementia caregiver. Call us anytime to consult with a live Care Manager by dialing (603) 471-3004. We are available 24/7.

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