Connecting Seniors to Loved Ones through Technology

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Technology Connects Seniors

According to Researchscape (a company that creates surveys) 40% of seniors say being close to loved ones is the most important aspect of their lives. Almost 90% view technology as a means to maintain these relationships. However, about 30% say they don’t understand how to use technology to their advantage. In this article, New Hampshire Home Care Assistance will share how seniors can connect with those they love through the use of technology.

The Age of the Smartphone

You may wonder makes a smartphone so smart. It’s the connection to the Internet. The Internet is the mastermind behind the smartphone, enabling a person to send and receive e-mail, browse the web, and use apps – software programs that enable access to worldwide information. For seniors and older adults, learning how to use a smartphone can provide them with access to friends and family at any time of day, as well as a wealth of information. Smartphones can also provide recreation in the form of books, music, films, and games.

Turning to Tablets

Tablets are continuing to gain popularity in today’s marketplace. Basically larger versions of smartphones, tablets are often easier for seniors to view and navigate. These electronic devices can also be connected to the Internet, and provide the same apps and entertainment options as smartphones. And the best part? With so much competition in the tablet world, there are now many types, sizes and makers of tablets, many of which come with affordable price tags.

The Hype Over Skype

Have you heard about Skype? What’s exciting about this program is that you can see the person you’re speaking with during a phone call. Using the Internet, your aging parent or loved one can make free video calls to anyone in the world as long as they also have a Skype account. You can also speak with more than one person simultaneously with a conference call feature and instant messaging is also possible.

To use Skype, you need a PC, Mac, or laptop computer. The computer must have a built-in web camera, which enables you to see the person with whom you’re speaking. You also need the latest version of your operating system, whether Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

Only a Tap Away

Using the above devices, loved ones are only a tap away. If you feel that mom and dad, or an aging relative is unable to receive the support and companionship they need on a regular basis, reach out to Home Care Assistance of New Hampshire and learn more about our care services. Along with 24 hour home care in New Hampshire, we provide as-needed care on an hourly basis, which can be a great way for seniors to interact and enjoy the company of another person a few days a week. For more information or to request a free consultation, call 603-471-3004 today.


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