How Calcium Supplements Affect the Heart

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How Calcium Supplements Can Affect the Heart Health of Seniors in New Hampshire, NH

Calcium plays a crucial role in the growth, repair and maintenance of the skeletal system. However, this mineral can be quite harmful when it’s consumed in excessive amounts. John Hopkins Medicine has recently published the results of a 10-year study on calcium supplements. This notable institution of higher education concluded that such dietary supplements have negative side effects on the cardiovascular system. Following is what New Hampshire in-home caregivers should know about calcium supplements.

John Hopkins Medicine monitored more than 2,700 people throughout the extensive research. Blood tests were used to determine the effects of calcium supplements on various parts of the body. After collecting data for a decade, the researchers concluded that this mineral tends to get deposited in the blood vessels. More specifically, calcium can build up in the aorta and other large arteries. The excessive plaque that accumulates in these blood vessels can lead to heart attacks, strokes and other complications with the cardiovascular system. People who are overweight most likely have other forms of plaque that consists of cholesterol. Therefore, such individuals can develop serious heart problems from an excessive intake of calcium supplements.

Medical experts worldwide agree that elderly people lose their abilities to properly absorb calcium and many other nutrients. Instead of going into bones, this mineral tends to flow freely in the bloodstream. A failing urinary system can also increase the concentration of calcium in the blood. If the kidneys can’t properly filter this nutrient, it will simply remain in the arteries. 

Even though elderly people are prone to arthritis, they should not be concerned with taking calcium supplements that are supposed to restore bone structure and function. The best way to obtain this essential mineral is to eat some healthy calcium-rich food such as fish, legumes and vegetables. Research has shown that calcium in its natural form does not cause an increase in problems with the heart or the need for in-home New Hampshire care.

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