Bridging Connections between Children and Grandparents

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Senior adults play a vital role in families as they provide love and guidance to their grandchildren. However, at Home Care Assistance New Hampshire, we know that as a grandparent and their grandchild begin to grow older, these bonds sometimes need tending to keep family members connected. Whether your young child is unsure how to respond to a grandparent’s changing health or your teenager would rather be hanging out with friends, generational gaps can easily be overcome by implementing these tips for bridging connections, leading to lasting memories for all.

Find a Mutual Hobby

Over the years, older adults have acquired skills that can be passed down to younger generations. Help your child and their grandparent discover a mutual hobby or interest that they can pursue during their visits. Sewing, gardening and art are a few activities that are fun for all ages. A special project that spans the course of several visits will have both family members looking forward to their time together. If a grandparent is unable to drive to visit their loved ones, click here and see if part-time home help and transportation services are the perfect solution!

Incorporate Technology

Kids love their gadgets, and technology can be used to enhance communication between the different generations of your family. For example, listening to an audiobook is a great way for a grandparent with declining eyesight to share a bedtime story with their favorite little one. Teenagers can also use their laptop to show off pictures of their achievements to grandparents who are unable to attend school events.

Share a Story

Children always enjoy a good story, and grandparents have a wealth of lessons that can be gleaned from their life experiences. Establish a ritual for your child and their grandparent that involves exchanging their personal stories. This can be done by using a conversation starter during family dinners, or you could set up a journal and have your child draw or write about their grandparent’s history.

Finding opportunities for your child and their grandparent to connect will lead to many cherished memories. As your parent shares their experiences and skills, they will enjoy a renewed sense of purpose while forging a bond with the youngest members of their family. As they connect, be sure to take plenty of pictures and join in the fun as everyone learns more about the valuable role each person plays in your family’s story!

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