How Seniors with Alzheimer’s Benefit from Home Care

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The Benefits of Senior Home Care in New Hampshire

As Alzheimer’s progresses, seniors will need additional care to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Sometimes, seniors and their families worry that seeking assistance requires giving up their independence. With home care in New Hampshire, however, this is not the case since having the help of a professional caregiver can actually promote independence for seniors with Alzheimer’s through the following benefits.

Adherence to a Routine

During the stages of Alzheimer’s, seniors sometimes struggle with remembering what comes next during their daily routine. This can make simple activities such as getting dressed or going to bed difficult. Home caregivers in New Hampshire can help seniors to make sense out of their day by guiding them through their schedule while encouraging them to do as much as they can on their own.

Protection from Injuries and Illness

Once a senior with Alzheimer’s experiences a serious injury, his or her independence rapidly dissipates during recovery. Wandering, forgetting to turn off appliances, and overlooking the need to eat are all potential concerns for Alzheimer’s patients that place their health at risk. With a qualified caregiver in the home, however, these types of events are less likely to occur, and seniors remain safe from issues that could compromise their health and independence.

Decreased Behavioral Symptoms

Sometimes, seniors with Alzheimer’s display challenging behavioral symptoms such as anger, aggression, and anxiety. Often, these behaviors have an underlying cause such as hunger or frustration. Home caregivers work hard to build a trusting relationship with a senior that allows them to quickly respond to his or her needs and allay negative behaviors.

Increased Cognitive Opportunities

The old saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it” is true. Seniors with Alzheimer’s can engage in activities with their caregiver that stimulate cognitive functioning to slow the progression of the disease. Helping seniors retain their memory for as long as possible goes a long way toward also helping them keep their independence, dignity, and a sense of accomplishment.

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