Fun Activities That Benefit Visually Impaired Seniors

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Visually Impaired Seniors Enjoy Activities in New Hampshire

Seniors with poor eyesight often have trouble finding something that they enjoy doing alone or with New Hampshire home caregivers. While some have lived with with vision problems for a long time, others have sudden loss of sight due to a stroke or other medical issue. Regardless, if you look after a senior with poor vision, then you may want to suggest these activities to him or her.


Many seniors enjoy the companionship of a pet. If the senior is reluctant to get a new pet, then suggest that he or she foster one. There are usually many organizations that are looking for people to take care of animals until they can find them a forever home. Seniors and animals both benefit from the companionship and seniors may eventually decide to adopt.


Many local organizations need mentors to work with struggling students. Often these programs are structured so that the senior spends time listening to a student. All the senior has to do is eat lunch with the student at school and offer a listening ear. Other schools often look for seniors to listen to students read and critique their reading comprehension.


There are many ways that a visually impaired senior can exercise with help from a live-in New Hampshire caregiver. Many become quite independent, operating exercise machines like treadmills, rowing machines and elliptical bicycles. Others enjoy exercising at local gyms. Swimming is one exercise where almost no one uses their sight, though they should still be supervised by a caregiver.


Many games are modified so that seniors can easily play them. There are dominoes with raised dots, playing cards with large numbers and Scrabble comes in a version with high-contrast large tiles. Many seniors can find people to play with at local senior citizen centers if their caregivers aren’t available.


Many different organizations offer free lectures to the public that seniors might enjoy attending. Check with local libraries, museums in the area and local colleges. The 4-H program often hosts public speaking events where seniors can serve as judges and learn something new about agriculture.

Seniors with poor eyesight can participate in many different activities. Suggest that your loved senior get involved with one today or call Home Care Assistance at (603) 471-3004. Our reliable New Hampshire in-home care enables seniors to engage with their communities and enjoy daily activities with help from a trusted caregiver. Call today to set up a free consultation and learn how we can customize a unique care plan for your loved one.


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