Lauren Robison

I started a home care agency because my parents were getting on in their years. My mom had come out of rehab from a bad fall and she needed someone to take care of her and my dad while she recuperated. I found Home Care Assistance on the internet and a great deal of information on home care. I thought “What better way to take care of my parents, then start an agency and learn all there is to know”. Since my parents live 100s of miles away it made me feel as though I was making more of a contribution than I already was to their care by lending advice to them and family members. Years later I can’t express how valuable an education it has been. Home Care Assistance has provided continual support and guidance not only with running the physical aspect of my agency but also how to take really great care of people.

One of the reasons why I chose Home Care Assistance was the Balanced Care Method of home care. My favorite component is the sense of purpose. I have seen many times the need for providing this with almost every client. This is also one of the easiest components to integrate into someone’s life. We have had great success with this method of home care in general and in providing a sense of purpose to our clients lives. I truly enjoy providing more to our clients than just the physical aspect of home care and the holistic approach of the Balanced Care Method™ resonated deeply with me because of my compassionate nature.


A family-oriented, full time student Aliza is a recent member of the HCA team!

Enjoying painting, listening to music, dancing, hiking and swimming, she is a bundle of energy and keeps her clients moving!

One of her favorite pastimes is traveling and meeting new people. Engaging and curious, she is a great conversationalist and really enjoys the stories of her clients.

With experience in nutrition and diabetes care, Aliza is very interested in healthy lifestyles and making good nutritional choices.


As a proud member of our US Forces, Elizabeth recently joined HCA as a caregiver. In addition to serving her country in the National Guard, she is the busy Mom of three!

Experienced in homecare, she not only provides great care to her clients, but delights them with her cooking and green thumb.

Looking ahead to a career in advanced nursing, Elizabeth plans on returning to school for her BSN.


A part- time team member, Justine is not only an LNA, but an active Mom of five!! She’s a bundle of energy!!

It is important to Justine to provide great care to her clients, priding herself on keeping everyone “happy, healthy and in familiar surroundings.”

Enjoying adventure, Justine visits new places on a regular basis and loves to swap travel stories with her clients.


Coming to us from the hospitality industry, Lizzyt, is no stranger to great customer service.

As a medical assistant graduate and very experienced in homecare and Alzheimer’s, she is proactive and diligent in her care of our clients.

Coming from a large family with a warm and bubbly personality, Lizzyt loves telling and listening to a great story and puts all of her clients at ease with her winning smile!


An artist who paints, sculpts, and sews, Robin also teaches art classes in her free time and is always happy to share these amazing skills with her clients.

With an LNA certification, she has been in the healthcare field for many years and is well versed in the needs of our clients. Helping them be as self-sufficient as possible, she is patient, encouraging and enthusiastic.

With a love of Italian food, Robin also enjoys cooking for both her family and her clients!


With over 17 years of experience as a caregiver, Shelagh is a valuable and well-loved member of our team!

Shelagh enjoys many activities in her spare time, including reading, puzzles, crafts, knitting and crocheting and photography. These are great activities she is also able to share with her clients.

In addition to her cooking skills, Shelagh also is well-versed in other household tasks and proves over and over again an asset to her clients.

When asked about a career in homecare, Shelagh states, “I feel that this work is very rewarding. You form friendships that last a lifetime.”