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Why Seniors with Alzheimer’s Need to Maintain Strict Routines

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Seniors with Alzheimer’s can benefit from a strict routine in many different ways. Seniors that maintain a regimented schedule often enjoy knowing what is going to happen each day and are more cooperative with their New Hampshire Alzheimer’s home caregivers. Here are some additional benefits of keeping a routine for your elderly loved one.

Scheduling Helps Solve Sleeping Issues

Insomnia is a major issue for many seniors with Alzheimer’s. Many Alzheimer’s and dementia home caregivers in New Hampshire find that when a senior goes to bed and gets up at the same time each day, problems with insomnia are reduced. The senior may also experience less sundowner’s syndrome because he or she gets better rest at night.

Daily Living Skills Routine

Many caregivers find that the first thing that they need to schedule are daily living skills like eating and personal grooming. Maintaining a schedule for seniors in this area helps because they do not have to wonder what they should be doing next. Many caregivers find that once the routine becomes established, these activities take far less time and energy to accomplish.

Scheduling for Safety

It is easy to enhance safety in your loved one’s life when you schedule activities with increased risk when the senior is most alert. For example, consider scheduling bathing for first thing in the morning before the senior becomes tired. Many caregivers find that the earlier they schedule outings, the more everyone enjoys them. Scheduling activities during the senior’s more alert periods means that they are more apt to work with you, making the task safer and more enjoyable. 

Scheduling Leaves Time for Fun

While creating a strict schedule and sticking to it may seem like a lot of work, the reward is huge. Most seniors spend less time agitated when they follow a strict routine. That opens up the possibility to add more fun activities. Before long, many caregivers are able to block off periods of time just for these activities. 

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