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5 Books Aging Adults with Dementia Might Enjoy

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For older adults with dementia, finding soothing pastimes can be difficult. Researchers have shown music has a therapeutic effect, and studies suggest reading can be a similarly positive experience. Seniors with dementia who have a difficult time verbalizing their own feelings can still benefit from reading. Here are 5 books that are great for seniors with dementia. 

1. The Sunshine on My Face by Lydia Burdick

This book was the first one written specifically for memory-impaired adults. It features large text, colorful illustrations, and a simple plot that seniors with dementia may find easy to follow. This illustrated read-aloud book is written specifically with cognitively-impaired adults in mind, and it provides an interactive way for caregivers to engage with them. 

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2. Wishing on a Star by Lydia Burdick

This book is about all the wonderful daily activities that seniors with dementia can experience. From listening to the sounds of birds chirping to playing with a favorite pet, this lap book reminds seniors of life’s little pleasures. This book is designed to evoke memories, stimulate conversations, and promote reading skills. It also contains a variety of colorful pictures that are sure to catch the eye of adults with dementia. 

3. Through the Seasons: An Activity Book by Cynthia R. Green

Through the Seasons is an interactive activity book designed to mentally stimulate seniors with dementia. It’s a large format picture book, which makes it easier to see and read for seniors with visual impairments. It contains four sections that remind memory-impaired adults of the sensory feelings associated with each season. The descriptions are accompanied by activities that aim to spark conversations and cognitive connections. 

4. Blue Sky, White Clouds by Eliezer Sobel

The author of Blue Sky, White Clouds was inspired to write this book when he realized his mother, who had Alzheimer’s, could still read. Hoping to create something that would hold her attention and make her happy, he crafted a book with beautiful photographs and easy-to-read captions. This book is ideal for seniors with Alzheimer’s who love the great outdoors, as it contains many stunning photos of the ocean, the sky, and more. 

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5. Color Your Mind by Maria Shriver

Color Your Mind, a coloring book created specifically for adults with dementia, takes interactivity one step further. This book was developed with the help of neurologists and psychologists who believe seniors with Alzheimer’s need a creative outlet. However, Color Your Mind isn’t just a coloring book. It also contains conversational prompts, activity suggestions, and uplifting messages. This book is a great way for seniors and family caregivers to connect over a shared love of coloring, creativity, and old memories. 

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